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  • Create your own personalised gift box for any occasion!

    If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift to give someone, why not create your own personalised gift box? You can do this by picking out some of your favourite things, or by purchasing them all yourself! It’s very easy to create your own personalised gift box, and once you’ve done it once, you’ll be able to re-create it again and again in the future without too much effort.

    Gather Inspiration

    Finding the perfect gift can be difficult sometimes and you want it to be something the recipient really enjoys. Gift boxes are a great way of ensuring you give a little bit of everything to the person who will open it. And to then have the box personalised makes it an extra special gift. You can buy beautiful personalised gift boxes on my shop page. These are hand made by me.

    The designs are all unique and original, with the recipients name on the front. Inside, you can include their choice of products. You have the flexibility to make it as extravagant or as budget friendly as you want.

    Gift Box with Personalised gold tray, personalised flask with the name Yusuf on it, Tamrah Dates and a Velvet personalised pouch with the name Yusuf on it.

    Personalise Each Gift Box

    Personalise your own gift boxes by buying personalised gift boxes on the shop page. . These are a perfect way to show you care, as well as giving the recipient a reminder of their birthday, Christmas or other special event each time they open their drawers and they can be used well after the event is over.
    For someone who has everything, this is the perfect: it’s meaningful and tailored just for them.

    Add a Message on the Gift Card

    For that person who has everything, create a gift box personalized to their every want and need. Include a card with all the items in the kit for easy gifting. Great for holidays, birthdays, graduations and more! These can also be made to order by sending me a quick email/message.

    Make your Personalised Gift Box Pop with Extra Items

    A personalised gift is a great way to give an individualised present. To do this, take the time to create a beautiful and thoughtful gift with items that are meaningful to the person you’re giving it to. Whether it’s something simple like their favorite meal or something more extravagant like one of their favorite beauty products, include a little bit of themselves in their box. I have lots of ideas of the types of gifts you can put in your box. Check out my Instagram Page and find loads.

    Packaging and Labelling your Personalised Gift Box

    We provide a wide range of designs for personalised gift boxes and this is perfect as you can create a gift to suit all occasions and tailored to a specific person. Whether it be for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings or anniversaries we have the perfect gift for you.

    Grey gift box with rose gold design with the name Angela on there.

    If you do decide to buy a Personalised box from me, but want a different design/colour/theme, then message me before hand to discuss. Also please do remember I am a small business and products are designed and made on an individual/hand-made basis. Please allow ample time before your order.


  • Cricut maker 3 Review: Ultimate guide before you commit!

    How I got my Cricut Maker 3

    It was my 40th in July and it wasn’t a big fancy event. It was low key, small and pretty quiet. And I loved it. What I loved more is the most amazing gift bought by my Husband. And I am actually blogging about my birthday gift today. I present to you The new Cricut maker 3 review!

    My hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I instantly knew this is what I wanted. So my gift wasn’t a surprise at all. Again, I was ok with this as I’d much rather have a gift I want as oppose to a surprise that I’m underwhelmed with. 

    Do Your Research

    I actually researched my own deals on the Maker 3 and got an amazing bundle from Cricut themselves. The deal is on Cricut still if you’d like to buy. I’m not a Cricut affiliate so I don’t earn anything. But I love sharing deals/moneysaving ideas and I get immense satisfaction in helping people save money. Also if you want to save more money, there is an additional 10% discount if you’re a Cricut access member and another 10% off with various codes from Cricut affiliates. You can use ‘makerykate’ for another 10% off. Kate is an affiliate with Cricut and she is also an awesome all round human being and crafter. Go follow her on Instagram. She has so many Cricut tips and tutorials. 

    I also just want to point out that I got my own Maker (well my Husband paid). This Cricut Maker 3 review is not an AD or affiliated with Cricut. It is an independent review from me. All views are my own.

    Ok, Now that I’ve gone over my backstory, let’s get started on the meaty stuff. The Cricut Maker 3 review.

    Cricut Maker 3 Machine Mechanism

    What You Get In your Cricut Maker 3 Box

    Firstly what comes in the box:

    • Cricut Maker 3 machine
    • Premium Fine-Point Blade + Blade Housing (pre-installed in the B clamp)
    • Accessory Adapter (pre-installed in the A clamp)
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Safety document
    • Warranty document
    • USB cable
    • Power adapter and power cord
    • Material for test cut
    • Bonus materials

    This is a beast of a machine. It is about 54 cms long and weighs 4.84kgs (thats about 5 bags of sugar). 

    The look and feel of the Cricut Maker 3 is very premium and it is solid and sturdy. It’s not one of those machines that will break at the slightest knock.  Another this I like about this Cricut machine is that it can be placed anywhere in your home without feeling like its an industrial workhorse. It has this unassuming look about it. It will probably blend in with your office to kitchen gadgets but as all Cricut fans know, the Maker 3 is anything but unassuming and is certainly not made to just look nice or blend in. 

    Cricut Maker 3 looks like Clark Kent but has the power and capabilities of Superman. It is super fast (2 times faster than its predecessor), super easy to use and can cut up to 300+ materials including wood up to 2mm thick, leather and heavy cardstock.

    What you need to know when you get it out of the box.

    The Cricut Maker 3 is set up and ready to use out of the box. All you have to do is register on Cricut Design Space (the programme used to design projects on) and connect your machine and you are ready to go. You can connect via USB or Bluetooth which gives you the freedom to work from your desktop or from your tablet/phone. Design Space is free but you can upgrade to Cricut access which offers you a great deal of images and fonts on a monthly subscription basis.

    Now a lot of people do not like design space. They feel its glitchy and clunky. But I’m not amazingly tech savvy and cannot really use programmes like Inkscape (I’ve really tried but my time brain can’t take it). So I like the ease of Design Space. I think Cricut have deliberately made design space simple so everyone can use it. And it works for me. There are a million and one tutorials on YouTube and I’ve made a few myself on Instagram. Go check my Design Space basic tutorials. And do let me know what you think?

    The difference between the old Cricut Maker and the new Cricut Maker 3

    There isn’t actually a lot of difference between the Maker and the Maker 3. Both can cut the same materials and use the same tools. But the new Maker 3 is a lot faster. If you’ve used the Maker and then use the Maker 3, you can really tell how speedy the new maker is. 

    Apart from this, Cricut have introduced Smart Materials with the maker 3 which basically means you don’t need a Mat to cut a Project out. It also means you can cut out longer projects. (up to 12ft). 

    Is it Worth Upgrading to the Cricut Maker 3

    This is a very subjective thing. I wanted the new Maker 3, but it was my 40th and I wanted to be spoilt etc. 

    And I hate to admit this, but I’m a bit like those iPhone users who need the new iPhone as soon as it comes out, apart from I’m like that with Cricut machines. 

    Also like I said earlier, my husband was gonna spend money on me for my 40th anyway, so this was a good gift for me. 

    But if I’m looking at it objectively and it wasn’t my 40th and I wasn’t so fickle, I would say you don’t need to upgrade at all unless you plan to do big projects. 

    If you’re buying from new, I would say go for the new Maker 3 as you then have the option of making big projects. 

    What essentials will you need for the Cricut Maker 3 that don’t come in the box?

    Ok, this really does depend on what you intend to make. For example if you think you’ll be cutting lots of wood, you’ll need to invest in a knife blade. If you want to make professional looking cards or gift boxes, a scoring wheel or a scoring stylus are a must or if you want to cut really heavy card, in my opinion the fine point blade won’t do, you’ll need the deep point blade. 

    You will also need to buy some essential tools like a weeding tool for vinyl and intricate crafts, a good pair of scissors and a scraper to get card/vinyl off your mats. 

    Also, I honestly do not know why Cricut have not included Mats in their machines. Again my opinion is that these are essential and should be included in the box. Not everything you make will be with Smart Materials and if you’re crafting with leather/cloth you’ll absolutely need a mat. As far as I’m aware, Cricut haven’t developed Smart cloth yet! So you’ll have to buy at least one mat. 

    I was actually really disappointed that Mats were not included and I really do hope Cricut include these in the future. (I’ll explain the difference between mats later on in this Cricut Maker 3 review).

    Advice on buying Materials

    Cricut maker 3 With Cricut Tools On Display

    I also need to make you aware that Cricut Materials and tools are not cheap and also do need to be replaced on a regular basis too. So if you think buying a machine is as simple as making a one-off payment, then I’m sorry to say that is not true. 

    But it is like any other hobby/passion or small business. If you’re a knitter, I’m sure you but endless supplies of yarn and knitting needles. And it is the same with Cricut. You buy the materials and then create with your machine. 

    I would always recommend you use the Cricut tools for your machines (use anything else and it voids your warranty) but you can choose other materials like card and vinyl from other suppliers which can be cheaper and better. I buy my vinyl from Teckwrap craft mainly. (you can find out more about this Company on my instagram page).

    I buy my card from a company called Craft label. They are brilliant and very reasonably priced. 

    Also love a good shop at Hobbycraft (who doesn’t)! You can always pick up some great blanks and materials and they always have a sale going on. 

    So, you have a lot of options to shop around and buy different materials from different places and find what suits you best. 

    The only materials you cannot buy elsewhere (as far as I’m aware) are Smart Materials.

    What are Smart Materials?

    Cricut Smart Materials are simply materials like vinyl and sticker paper/cardstock that you can use  without a Mat on the Maker 3 or Explore 3.

    There are currently 3 smart material varieties available. 

    1. Smart Vinyl: Can be used on cards, cups, walls and a variety of other things. These do not need a heat press and once cut can be stuck on a multitude of products. The Smart Vinyl comes in two forms permanent and removable. 
    2. Smart Iron-on: Can be used to personalise things like Clothing or cushion covers etc. Requires a heat press.
    3. Smart Sticker cardstock: Can make stickers or use on card. 

    The Smart vinyl and iron on vinyl soles in rolls and can be used to make projects unto 12 ft long. 

    These materials would be great if you are decorating a wall space, sell large wall stickers or crafting for a wedding. 

    I think when the Cricut Maker 3 was being developed with Smart materials, Cricut were looking at how they could enable people to make their own big projects and I think they probably wanted to emphasise how the maker 3 could help with interior design. 

    What Mat should I buy?

    There are four different mats:

    • LightGrip (blue): use for thin materials like paper and light/thin card. 
    • StandardGrip (green): use with medium-weight materials such as heavy cardstock and vinyl
    • StrongGrip (purple): use with heavy-weight materials like balsa wood, poster board, leather.
    • FabricGrip (pink): use with any type of fabric.

    Like I said earlier you will need at least one mat for the Maker 3 to start off with. I use the standard grip mat the most. 

    Where Can I buy the Maker 3?

    In the UK the Maker 3 can be bought from:

    These are the official sellers I know about. If I find more, I’ll further add to this list. 

    Should I buy a Machine or a Bundle?

    I bought a bundle because I wanted to try out the Smart Materials and use as many products as I could for this Cricut Maker 3 review. And with my Cricut access discount and a code from a Cricut affiliate I (My husband) ended up paying just a little bit over what a Maker 3 would cost on its own.  I bought my Maker 3 at Cricut online and it arrived within a week or so. Can’t fault Cricut customer service so far. 

    Cricut maker 3: A Summary

    Cricut Maker 3 Machine

    The Good

    The new Cricut Maker 3 is a beautiful premium product. It makes an amazing gift. So if you have a crafter or creative in your life and you’re looking for a great gift, this is perfect. 

    Also Christmas is just around the corner and this machine would make an ideal Christmas gift. 

    Not only is the Cricut Maker 3 beautiful to look at, it is also a very sophisticated piece of equipment that cuts over 300 materials and is easy to set up and use. 

    It is a step up from the Cricut Maker but I wouldn’t say it is an essential upgrade. If you have a Maker and don’t need to use Smart materials to make big projects, then this machine doesn’t have too much more to offer than your current Maker. 

    However, if you want to buy a new Cricut machine or want to gift an amazing present then the Cricut Maker 3 is the one. Of all the Cricut machines, this is the one that is the most powerful, most sophisticated and one that offers you options to create some amazing craft projects. You can do it all with the Cricut maker 3.

    But as with everything, there are positives and negatives. 

    The Not so Good

    The Cricut maker 3 doesn’t come with a mat (Can you tell I’m upset about that)? It’s such a small thing but I think it just would have made the whole thing complete. I really do hope the powers at Cricut start to include mats with their machines. 

    Buying a Cricut Maker 3 also means you have to buy accessories with it. A weeding tool, scissors, and scraper are all essentials. Just remember that you will require to add to your Cricut collection. It is an expensive thing to own. 

    I also can’t get the Cricut Maker 3 to connect to Bluetooth. I think I read somewhere that this is a technical issue that is being resolved. 

    Also you’ll require space. The Cricut maker 3 is 54 cms long and quite heavy. It is not something you can just slide under a cupboard. It will need some space. You’ll also need some space for accessories and materials. Just something to think about. 

    The Verdict of the Cricut Maker 3

    In conclusion, yes there are some downsides. But I wanted one for my 40th birthday, so that must tell you that I really approve of this machine. 

    My personal view is that the Cricut Maker 3 is worth the investment. If you’re a Creative person, then you need this machine. There are so many things that you can make with the Cricut Maker 3, you’ll be amazed.

    Before you buy anything though, do your research and make sure you’re happy before you buy. It’s a lot of money so be sure it is something you want and will use.

    Or maybe start dropping hints to family and friends now, so you can get it gifted for Christmas?

    Final Notes

    Thank you for reading my Cricut Maker 3 review. I would love your support on Instagram. If like me you love gifts and are a Cricut addict, follow me on instagram.

    Please also leave your comments on my Cricut Maker 3 review below.

    Also if you want some other amazing gift ideas, do look around my website for inspiration. From Valentines Gifts to Spectacular fathers Day gift ideas. I have gift inspiration for every occassion.


  • BirchBox Gift Subscription Verdict – To buy or not to buy?

    My birthday was in July and I received lots of lovely gifts thanks to my amazing friends and family.  One of the gifts I was given from lovely Sister-in- Law was a 3 month subscription to Birch Box. Having completed my 3 months of receiving this I wanted to review it. But is Birchbox a good gift?

    I personally really like the idea of subscription boxes. In my opinion they give you an opportunity to try lots of different products at an affordable monthly rate. There are a variety of subscription boxes out there ranging from make-up, skincare, tea/coffee to stationery.

    Reasons to Gift a Subscription Box?
    • Good for someone who likes to experiment.
    • Can be a good idea for people who are difficult to buy for. 
    • Excellent last minute gift
    • Paperless gift, so no need to wrap.
    • Fun and exciting.
    Why Buy a Birch Box Subscription Gift?
    1. I loved my Birch Box Gift Subscription because I like make-up and skin care, and love trying new products; the person who bought me the box knew this, so for me, it was a genuinely great present. 
    2. I also like the idea of a low cost monthly subscription. You can easily spend £10.00 on a lipstick or mascara so to have a few make up and skin care products land on my doorstep every month can be cost effective. HOWEVER, this is only cost effective if you don’t mind getting any products. You cant choose the products you will receive so it will be a mixture of make up and skin care. So if you’re buying this as a gift or a treat for yourself, bear that in mind. 
    3. The imaginatively designed boxes that come through the door are cute and can be re-used for a variety of things. 
    4. The products you get are high end and high street and give you an opportunity to try something that you may not have necessarily bought or could not afford to buy. 
    5. It’s exciting having something fun and interesting land on my doorstep other than bills and junk mail. I really look forward to getting my Birch Box every month and it feels like an extended gift as I still feel special 3 months after my Birthday. Makes me feel all warm and glow inside.

    Birch Box Birch Box Birch Box

    Why NOT to Buy a Birch Box Gift Subscription
    1. Not all products are full sizes. Some products are samples. I personally don’t mind this, but some people can be put off.
    2. Probably not the best present for someone who doesn’t like make up and skin care. (Do these people exist)?
    3. You can’t choose what products you will receive. This may put people off, but I don’t mind this. It’s like lucky dip through the letter box.   

    Was getting a Birchbox a good gift for me? Honestly I found very little wrong with receiving this as a gift. I loved it. There are so many people who would love to receive this. 

    Who Can you Gift this to?
    1. A new Mum – Love to get this and have a pamper session.
    2. Teenagers – they are at the stage where they are experimenting with make-up and skin care.
    3. Sisters and Besties – I bet you can think of a few who this would be ideal for. 

    It’s also coming up to Christmas soon (Is it too early to say that)? And these would make fantastic presents. You can also buy these online at the last minute and print out a gift voucher. The ideal last minute gift if you’ve forgotten someone. 

    You can buy BirchBox Gift subscriptions here. Also check for any discount codes/special offers online before you buy. Might save you a little bit of money.

    So, is Birchbox a good gift? Yes it is.

    If you want more information on how to save money whilst shopping for gifts, check out my comprehensive post on this here.

    What do you think? Would you like to receive this as a gift? Is this a gift you would give to someone? Do you think this works as a last minute Christmas gift? I would love to know your thoughts, so please leave a comment her or on my social media pages.

    Until next time, Gift Goonie is signing out. X


  • Valentines Gifts she'll love – Amazing Gift Ideas for Her

    AD | Affiliates

    This post contains affiliate links.If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links marked with **

    This Valentines, you could buy your other half the usual, perfume or chocolate or you could actually buy Valentines gifts she’ll love. I’ve put together a selection of thoughtful Valentines Gifts she’ll love and remember for a long time.

    Does she like Make up?

    If she does, then she will adore the ever popular and stunning Spectrum Make-up brushes. These Brushes always pop up on my time-line and have been recommended by several Make-Up Artists. They are also Vegan and cruelty free. 

    Has she got lots of jewellery?

    Ted Baker Jewellery Case

    Has you Partner got bracelets, rings and lots of sparkly things? How about getting her a pretty little Jewellery case to store all her precious (Gollums Voice) shiny things in. This Ted Baker Jewellery case is so pretty and would make a beautiful gift on its own but if you really want to be the best this Valentines then add a jewellery item like these gorgeous earrings from Jewellerybox for the perfect gift.

    Is she a bookworm?

    I’m not a big reader, but I know so many of my friends and family are, so what better present that a Kindle. You can download all the books you want and take it anywhere you want. Perfect Valentines Gift that will be loved by her. This model is also waterproof, perfect for poolside or in the bath reading. **

    Would you Partner liked to be Pampered this Valentines?

    Spa Treats

    The Majority of women (myself included) love a good pampering session. Treat your Valentine to a Spa day and Afternoon Tea by Prezzybox. Your partner will love this especially if she’s a  workaholic and needs stress relief or she’s a Mum and needs a Day off from the kids. Be kind and treat her to the relaxation she deserves. (Can you tell I have kids?) **

    The Soppy Romantic

    Personalised Keyring Couples Keepsake Box

    If you Partner loves rom coms and love cute romantic gestures then I have not one but two great ideas for you.

    Firstly you could get her this beautiful personalised keyring with an equally cute message on there.

    Secondly, You could get her this Personalised Couples Oak photo Keepsake Box. This Box can be personalised with your names and photos and is a place for her to store all the good memories of you as a couple. **

    Better still you could get both and put the keyring inside the keepsake box. Genius. And something that will be loved by her so much this Valentines.

    The Fun Loving Lady

    Mr Men and Little Miss Love Couples mounted on a Wooden Block

    If she’s fun and has a good sense of humour she will love Personalised Mr Men & Little Miss Love Couples mounted on a solid wooden block. I absolutely adore this. You get to choose you Love match titles. Obviously My husband is Mr lazy.. erm Perfect, He’s Mr Perfect. These block are really cute and will be loved so much by anyone who likes the Mr Men series.

    The Vegan Warrior

    Check out my amazing blog post on Eco and Vegan friendly Valentines Gifts for ideas and inspiration on what to buy your Vegan Partner.

    Final Thoughts

    And there we have it. Valentines Gifts she’ll love.  Please don’t be a boring old fart this Valentines and get your partner the same old last minute bottle of perfume or flowers from the local garage. Actually think about what your other half would like? I can’t speak for all Women, but I appreciate a thoughtful present much more than an expensive one.

    I would love to know what you are getting your other half for Valentines. As always leave your comments below or come chat to me on my Social Media channels. Let’s chat Gifts.

    Until Next time, Gift Goonie is over and out.


  • Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts – Amazing Ideas for all budgets


    This post contains affiliate links.If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate links marked with **

    I have a confession to make, I am ridiculously bad at all things wedding related.  I think there is a lot of unnecessary wastage when it comes to getting married and if I could do it again, I’d think about having a more Eco-friendly wedding.

    Now, I don’t have a Delorean (google Back to the Future if you don’t get that reference), so am a bit restricted to go back in time. However,  where I can make a difference is buying Eco Friendly Wedding gifts for people. EcoFriendly and low waste weddings are very popular with people as the concern for climate change increases. And I believe that any gift given should reflect the views and personality of the people getting married.

    This post is all about Eco – Friendly Wedding gifts to give suggestions on what to buy when attending a low waste wedding/eco-friendly wedding.

    1. Hand-made Pottery bowl 

    Handmade Bowl

    An eco Friendly Hand made bowl is a gorgeous gift to give someone on their wedding. Think rustic and stylish gift that you can buy in an assortment of designs and colours to suit the taste of people getting married. I found this one on Etsy and it is so pretty. **

    2. Eco Spa 

    Eco-Friendly Spa Gift

    What better way to treat a married couple to their very own Eco-Spa treat. Choose a Spa that has Eco friendly feature like the Herb House Spa at Lime Wood hotel. This Spa has holistic treatments that use organic brands only and the restaurant serves seasonal sustainable dishes also. What a treat this would be for the newly-weds and you would be in contention for giving the best eco friendly wedding gift ever. I know I would love this.

    3. Storage Baskets

    Hand-made Storage Baskets

    Hand-made, unique and a great little present. Buy the newly-weds a pretty, practical and eco-friendly wedding gift like these Lola & Mawu Hand woven baskets. These are made by a female weaving co-operative in Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. They are vegan and one of a kind.

    4. Copper Penta Terrarium

    Copper Terrarium

    The Urban Botanist have some sustainable and personalised terrariums. These make amazing Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts. The terrariums are super stylish and sleek and bring the outside indoors. Perfect present to give instead of flowers and something that an Eco-Friendly couple will cherish.

    5. Bamboo dinner wear set 

    Bamboo Dinnerware from Wearth

    Another idea for a nice little Eco-Friendly gift for a newly-wed couple would be a Dinner set. This one from is pretty and practical.

    6. Organic bedding 

    Organic Bedding from Wearth

    Luxurious and organic bed sheets. An example of some Super organic bedding is from Wearth. This set is made from 100% GOTS and Soil Association certified organic cotton which is pesticide and toxic chemical-free. Brilliant gift for newly weds. 

    7. Recycled coasters 

    Recycled Plastic Coasters

    Looking for cool and contemporary Eco-friendly Wedding gift ideas? Get these handmade recycled plastic coasters and the newly-weds will think of you every time they have a cuppa. Recycled coasters make an amazing little gift and can be bought in a range of designs. Happy shopping. **

    There you have it, a round up of some great Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts. If you’re not going to a wedding, but have to buy gifts for babies instead, be sure to check my gift guide from The Baby Show. It has lots of great ideas too.

    So, I would love to know if you guys are going to any weddings this year? And if you are, what gifts will you be buying?

    As always, you can comment below or we can chat on social media as I love to know what gifts you’re buying.

    Until next time, Gift Goonie is over and out.


  • Personalised Gifts For Her From TheGiftCo


    If you know me, you’ll know I love a personalised gift. I think they turn the ordinary into extraordinary; i mean how can you not love something that has your name on it and was meant only for you. 

    When I get a personalised gift I feel that little bit more important. Like extra care has been taken to make me feel special. The gift becomes a keepsake. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away something that was personalised,  and I still have a personalised Mother’s Day Mug that I haven’t used just incase something happens to it.

    Whenever I look back at a personalised gift I have received, I associate it with a memory and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think back to the time I got the gift and it just instantly makes me feel happy.  So when I got approached to talk about personalised gifts from The Gift Co, I jumped at the opportunity. is a company that specialises in personalised gifts and in this post I’ve decided to pick a few of my favourite personalised gift ideas from their website. The gift Co have a wide variety of personalised gift choices that cover a range of occasions. 

    My Top Picks from The Gift Co

    Personalised gift for Bridesmaids

    1. Is anyone looking for Bridesmaid gifts? Well you can get lots of different personalised gifts for your Bridesmaids on The Gift Co website. The one that I saw and really liked was a personalised compact mirror. It is a beautiful and practical gift that will be loved by Bridesmaids and will be a lovely reminder every time they touch up their make up. It’s very reasonably priced, so especially good if you have a wedding budget to stick to. 

    Personalised Chopping Board

    2. I love kitchen gifts and gadgets. Anything to make my kitchen prettier and more practical. I like the idea of a personalised chopping board. An awesome present for a keen cook. I personally would buy a load of food gifts and include this in a food hamper. An excellent housewarming gift or if you make your own hampers at Christmas, you could add a personalised board and make your hamper extra special.

    Personalised Notebook 

    3.  I know a lot of you out there are just as obsessed with stationery as I am. I love stationery. Notebooks, Pens, pencils, Wall charts and a load of other things.

    The idea of a personalised notebook is the bees knees. So if you know anyone starting a new job, starting school or is a little crazy about notebooks, buy one with their name on it. 

    Final Thoughts

    And there you have a few ideas on personalised gifts from The Gift Co . Do let me know what you all think? Have you every received a personalised present? Are you stationery obsessed like me? Leave your comments below and let’s talk gifts. 

    Until next time, Gift Goonie signing out. 

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by